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Welcome to the Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program homepage within the PA CareerLink® website. Here, employers are provided with all the information needed to fully comply with Federal and State mandates to report their newly-hired employees. Please note: a complete and valid Social Security Number (SSN) is required for each new hire submitted to the Program.

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Additional New Hire Reporting Information:
Getting Started: Are you a PA CareerLink®-registered employer?
Yes, Login to CWDS Login to PA CareerLink® to start reporting. For questions about login credentials, please contact your local PA CareerLink® Office .
No, I would like to register with PA CWDS I would like to Register with PA CareerLink® . Registered employers may: post and fill jobs and automatically report those hired; upload a file of multiple new hire records; or report New Hires manually, up to fifty (50) new hires per web-session.
No, I would like to report New Hires manually I would like to report New Hires manually , up to three (3) new hires per web-session.
Choosing the best method for reporting New Hires as a PA CareerLink®-registered employer
All employers (including third-party payroll companies) are encouraged to report electronically to the Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program. Please note: if you have employees working in more than one state, you are a multi-state employer, and are required by Federal law to submit new hire reports electronically; for questions on multi-state employer reporting, please contact New Hire Staff .
When reporting electronically, please consider the number of new hires being reported as a guide to choosing the most efficient reporting method:
less than 10 We suggest Manual Data Entry of New Hire Information
more than 11 We suggest File Upload or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP); Click here for Examples and Instructions
If you are not a multi-state employer, you may also choose to report new hires via the less secure Paper and Fax New Hire Reporting Methods ; if using one of these methods, please use the Commonwealth New Hire Reporting Form to ensure your data is received and processed accurately and timely.
News and Announcements
  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, (WOTC), program has been extended to December 31, 2020. Please continue to submit your applications. If you have any questions you may contact the Tax Credit Services Unit @ 800.345.255 or email:  

Did You Know?
  • New hire reporting recoups employers over $2 million each year through matching with unemployment compensation claims information.
  • New hire reporting results in over $30 million being returned each year to Pennsylvania’s children, through child support collections.
  • Employers may visit the Department of Human Service’s Child Support Enforcement Program at for information on services available to them, including:

  •       - Employer services and reports

          - Withholding child support and e-payments

          - The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)

          - Payments to the PA State Collection and         Disbursement Unit

          - The PA child support handbook

          - Contact information and other resources
  • If you use the PA CareerLink® to create a job posting, you may automatically report any new hires you make from that posting.
  • Rehires are considered to be "new hires" (and must be reported to the Program) whenever the employee is not compensated for a period of 30 consecutive days, regardless of the reason, including layoffs.
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