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Finding a Job
Q. How does the job search work?
A.If you search by a job title and a city, the search results will include all jobs with the job title within 25 miles from the city center. Example:  Search by 'Nurse' and 'Harrisburg'.  The search results could include nurse jobs in Harrisburg, but also Camp Hill because Camp Hill is within 25 miles of Harrisburg's city center.

If you search by a county or state, the search results would include only jobs within that county or state.

If you search in two different locations, such as  Philadelphia (PA) or New Jersey and your search criteria is city of ‘Philadelphia’ and state of ‘New Jersey’, you will receive no results because the City of Philadelphia is not in the State of New Jersey.  To get the best results for a dual location search, we suggest you make sure that the city is in the state that you are searching.   

If you search by a zip code and a radius of miles around the zip code and that zip code is near a bordering state, the search results could include jobs in another state if they are within the radius.

If your search is by zip code and any other option, the search results returned will be for the zip code only. Example:  Search by zip code of  ‘17110’ and county of ‘Dauphin’  the search results will only include jobs in that zip code (which is in Dauphin County), the rest of Dauphin County would be excluded.

Note:  Radius search considers a specified distance around a point on a map.


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