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Q. Can I get training free of charge?
A.In order to receive WIA(Workforce Investment Act of  1998) funded training services, a person must meet WIA eligibility requirements which vary depending on the program (Youth, Dislocated Worker, Adult) as well as receive core and intensive service prior to receiving training services.  Core and Intensive services may include Resume Assistance, Career Counseling, Labor Market Information, etc.  Each Local Workforce Investment Area determines their own maximum amount of training funding.  WIA funded training must lead toward a state recognized High Priority Occupation, and be provided by a state approved training provider.    An individual interested in training should contact their local PA CareerLink office to determine eligibility and funding specific to that area.
Q. How do you find training providers/course?
A.Press the "Individuals" hyperlink, on the CWDS Home Page.  
Press the "Certified TAA/WIA Training Programs/Provider List" Hyperlink on the Individual Services page.
Select appropriate options from the Search For and Program Type drop-down lists and any additional minimum search criteria (either Service/Course Title or Provider Name) on the Certified TAA/WIA Training Programs/Provider List Page.  The Certified Trade Adjustment Assistance/Workforce Investment Area (TAA/WIA) hyperlink navigates users to the "Certified TAA/WIA Training Programs/Providers List" page where individuals can perform a search for training providers and courses.

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