Paper and Fax Reporting of New Hires

Paper/Fax Reporting
The Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program recommends that employers submit their new hire reports electronically. Electronic reporting methods are not only more secure and more efficient, they also save employers time and postage costs. Through the program's home page within the Pennsylvania CareerLink website (located at (, employers may first register with PA CareerLink and then upload their new hire information online securely, with data validation and customer service support readily available. Reports are processed much sooner through online reporting compared to traditional paper or fax reporting. Employers can receive notification the next business day if there are any problems with their new hire data, versus potentially several weeks through the slower and less secure paper and fax methods. Electronic means also save employers the cost of creating and mailing paper forms or fax submissions.

Employers may use the following electronic reporting methods to submit their data:

*Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program website upload of a new hire file (for PA CareerLink-registered employers, and in .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml .txt (fixed-width) and .txt (tab-delimited) file formats ONLY): download the template for electronic submission of your new hire report from the program's website.

*Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program website data entry of new hire records: up to fifty (50) new hire records at one time for PA CareerLink-registered employers, or up to three (3) new hire records at one time for non-registered employers at the program's website.

*Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) submission of a new hire report: requires employer registration to receive login and password information for the FTP server. Contact New Hire Customer Service at (888) PAHIRES or (888)724-4737 or by email at for details.

*Toll-Free Fax of a new hire report to (866) 748-4473, using either the Standard Commonwealth New Hire Reporting Form found at the program's website, or a suitable substitute (e.g., IRS Form W-4 (2012): Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) that contains the required information.

Contact Details
Instructions for Completing the Form
  • Unless noted as optional, all required information must be included on the form.
  • Please type or print legibly in black or blue ink.
  • This form may be duplicated.
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Download Standard Commonwealth Form to report new hire data via standard US mail or by fax.

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