New Hire Reporting Program Details

Detailed Program Description

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 along with Pennsylvania's Act 58 of 1997 requires all employers to report certain information on their newly-hired employees to a designated state agency. As an employer, you are a key partner in ensuring financial stability for many children and families across the Commonwealth.

New Hire Reporting is designed to increase child support collections from non-custodial parents and parents who change jobs frequently, thus securing a better life for children. As an employer, your role of reporting newly-hired employees is critical to the success of the program. By reporting your newly-hired employees within 20 days of hire, you aid the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in speeding up the child support income withholding order process, locating non-custodial parents to expedite collection of child support and in many cases, establishing paternity.

The New Hire program has experienced not only significant increases in child support collections from non-custodial parents but also savings in unemployment compensation, workers' compensation and public assistance programs through fraud detection. As a result, Pennsylvania is committed to this endeavor and expects continued diligence from the employer community to aid in this endeavor. For more information on this law, please visit the Pennsylvania State Law.

If you are a custodial or non-custodial parent needing information on Pennsylvania legislation and programs, please follow the link here to the PA Child Support Program website within the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

Questions may also be directed to 1-800-932-0211.

Information on Reporting Requirement

Employer Requirements

Employers doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must report the following employees:
  • New Employees: Employers must report all employees who reside or work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Employees should be reported even if they work only one day and are terminated or leave employment prior to the employer fulfilling the new hire reporting requirement. However, if the employee never earned wages he/she does not need to be reported.

  • Re-hires or Re-called employees: Employers must report rehires, or employees who return to work after not receiving wages for more than 30 calendar days. This includes being laid off, furloughed, separated, or terminated from employment for any reason. Examples of such employees include teachers, substitutes, seasonal workers, etc.

  • Temporary employees: Temporary agencies are responsible for reporting any employee who they hire to report for an assignment. Employees need to be reported only once; they do not need to be re-reported each time they report to a new assignment. They do need to be reported as a rehire if the worker has a break in service or gap in wages from the temporary agency.

Information That Must Be Reported
Required Employer Information:
Employer Company Name
(Legal Name)
Employer Street Address
(Address to which Income withholding Orders should be sent; P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable).
Employer City, State, Zip Code
Employer Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
(If your company has more than one FEIN, please use the same FEIN used to report your quarterly wage information when reporting new hires.)
Employer Contact Person Name
Employer Contact Person Phone Number
Employer's phone extension
Required New Hire Employee Information:
Employee Full Legal Name
(First, Middle, and Last Name; Nicknames are NOT acceptable.)
Employee Street Address
(P.O. Boxes are not acceptable.)
Employee City, State of Hire, Zip Code
Employee Social Security Number
(Please verify for accuracy.)
Employee Date of Hire
(Not more than three years from the current date.)
Employee's state of hire
(for ALL electronic submissions)
Employee Date of Birth
Note: Multi-state employers must include the state of hire for each new hire employee being reported.

Questions on Multi State Reporting Requirements?

When to Report Newly-Hired Employees
Pennsylvania's Act 58 of 1997 requires all employers to submit their new hire reports within 20 days after the employee is hired, rehired or returns to work.

How to Report Newly-Hired Employees
The Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program offers many options that make it easy for employers, including Multi-State employers, to report new hires. The preferred way of reporting new hire information is through Electronic Reporting.

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